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Industrial Engineering and Management

  • 4 years
  • English
  • Bachelor
  • Full-time
Starts February and September | Eindhoven

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Are you interested in innovation and how to improve processes? The varied, practical and challenging study programme Industrial Engineering and Management is your best preparation for a managing job at a technical company. As an industrial engineer, you’ll learn how to take an analytical and solution-oriented approach to (improvements in) business processes and organisational changes.

About the programme

Together with lecturers, fellow students and company managers, you discover what you need to know to develop a deep understanding of the people, organisation, technical know-how and economic principles on which companies depend. You’ll gain experience through working on projects at real companies. From the very first moment of your student career, you start building your CV with relevant practice. And unlike many other industrial engineering programmes, we offer not only theoretical insight but also practical skills to be successful as an entrepreneur. After 4 years, you’ll be ready to help and progress companies anywhere in the world!

Why study Industrial Engineering and Management?

  • Emphasis on personal development and coaching;
  • A varied programme with a focus on people, organisations, economics and technology;
  • A study programme in the heart of the Brainport Region, surrounded by large international companies;
  • Many of our lecturers work or have work experience in companies;
  • Many students already find a job during their graduation period;
  • After completing this programme you will start with the highest gross starting salary, as research shows.

What will you learn?

We offer you not only theoretical knowhow (see chapter ‘Courses’) but also practical skills to be successful. Together with your lecturers, peers and managers of external companies, you discover what you need to know and how you will be able to gain a deep understanding of your talents. Other than field specific aspects we will teach you practical 21st century skills that are important in an industrial engineering career. Such as:

  • Collaboration
  • Communication and Presentation
  • Critical Thinking and Reasoning
  • Examination and Inquiry

Andres Dorcich Alfaro about the programma

“There is always an industrial engineer involved in everything”


What does a typical study week look like?

Studying is working and as long as it is varied, that's okay.

  • One minute you are following a lecture on operations management;
  • The next time you go to a company to improve the throughput of a production process;
  • During an expert meeting with our teachers you will receive feedback and feed forward on your assignment;
  • Together with your fellow students you present to the company how this process can be done faster and more efficiently;
  • After a week of hard work, you celebrate the good results with your project members, fellow students.

You will be studying about 40 hours a week:

  • 20 contact hours with lecturers
  • 12 hours of projects / practice
  • 8 hours of self study

Curious about our teachers? Meet our teacher team.


Study Preview

Check the Study Preview to get an insight in the study week of student Andres >>



You are introduced to the broad subject of Industrial Engineering and Management. During the first quarter, you immediately start learning about production techniques and materials used in production. You’ll work in groups, analysing a household device with all its components. The remaining quarters of the first year will be dedicated to group tasks on analysing and finding improvements for companies going through a range of change processes, including changes to production facility and product design. We also organise introductory lectures on key subjects such as business economics, manufacturing technique, and organisational science and management.

Subjects semester 1: Communication, Business Creativity, Technology, Logistics, English (portfolio), Health and Safety, Business Modells, Marketing, Business Intelligence.

Subjects semester 2: Organization & Management, Business Economics, Industrial Engineering Workshops, Communication, Business Creativity.

Student about IEM

In year 2, you start working on problems that real companies are faced with. Together with your fellow students and your tutors, you work on improving business processes. You apply your theoretical knowledge in real companies. What do customers want? What about the costs? What do the staff members want? What machines will be used? Can you see things differently, gain a better understanding? You gain insight into the workings of a company, tackle problems and reveal opportunities.

Subjects semester 1: Reseach Skills, Operations Management, Law, Project Management, Logistics and more.

Subjects semester 2: B2B Marketing, Human Resource Management, Statistics, Corporate Social Responsability Purchasing and more.

What’s it like at school

In the third year, you follow a minor of your choice and complete an internship at an internationally oriented company. During this internship, you are expected to solve a real problem the company is faced with, and you initiate the implementation of your own solution, possibly connected to shortening lead-time, reducing production costs or addressing new market segments.

Semester 1: Minor: Free choice from programmes offered by Fontys or pre-master at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Semester 2: Internship project at an international company.

Contact with companies

In the first semester of year 4, you work on a group assignment and assist an internationally oriented company to realise one of its ambitions – for example, improving the logistical chain or international marketing. In the second semester, you’ll work on your graduation project, which involves analysing and advising on a complicated business issue. This is the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate that you are ready to get your bachelor’s degree.

Semester 1: Macro Economics, Supply Chain Management, Business English, Quick Response Manufacturing, International Finance, International Organization and IT, International Law and more.

Semester 2: Graduation project at an international company.


Bilal Najja, student about IEM:
"IEM provides an immersive learning atmosphere by involving the students in realistic simulations of working as an actual industrial engineer."

Read more student testimonials >


As a prospective bachelor's student you must have a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards. In order to be admitted to Fontys University of Applied Sciences students must be eligible for higher education through a diploma of secondary education / high school diploma with good results. This means:

  • For Dutch students: vwo, havo or mbo-diploma
  • For students of other nationalities: senior high school diploma/GCE or equivalent e.g. the British GCE A-levels or GCSE grades A, B or C.
  • Requirements: at least 6 exam subjects.
  • Minimum for the examinee subjects is 4 GCSE subjects with grades A*, A, B or C and 2 GCE subjects at A/S Level (no specific grade required).
  • A/S Level means advanced sbusidiary level (previously advanced supplementary level).
  • Mathematics must be taken at GCE level AND part of examinee subjects.
  • For students with international Baccalaureate, the French Baccalaureate or the American High School
  • For students with other secondary education/high school diplomas please send us via Studielink.nl your documents for diploma assessment.
  • For international students who didn’t follow their secondary school in the English language: IELTS 6.0 (academic) or TOEFL 550 score is required. See below for more information or click here.
  • Fontys University will act according to the Code of Conduct.

Language requirements

For all course programmes a minimum level of proficiency in the English language is required. Read more detailed information.

Language requirements

For all course programmes a minimum level of proficiency in the English language is required. Read more detailed information.


As a non-EU/EEA student, the Netherlands will require an Entry Visa* (MVV) and a Residence Permit. Fontys will apply on behalf of its students for these documents. We recommend you start the process early, i.e. approximately three months before you plan to enter the Netherlands.

*except nationals from Australia, Canada, Japan, Monaco, New Zealand, South Korea, the USA and Vatican City State.

Language requirements for Dutch students

For the English taught programmes, the minimum English language proficiency required. As an applicant with a Dutch MBO-4, HAVO- or VWO-diploma you can be exempted from submitting the language proficiency test.


The tuition fees indicator helps you to determine the tuition rate for your situation. The information and tuition rates from this indicator are without engagement.

Statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees

A distinction is made between statutory tuition fees and institutional tuition fees. Only if you satisfy all statutory requirements regarding your nationality and if you have not yet been awarded a degree, will you be eligible for statutory tuition fees. Via the tuition fees indicator, you can secure an indication of the type of tuition fees that will be applicable in your situation. To do so, please make use of the indicator above.

Distinctions are made between the following types of Institutional Tuition Fees:

  • Low institutional tuition fees
  • High institutional tuition fees

Different types of tuition fees and Exemption Regulations

These different types of tuition fees and the Exemption Regulations are fully detailed in the:

      The amount to be paid may vary in accordance with the following situations:

      • If you have enrolled in more than one course programme (at Fontys and/or elsewhere), it is possible that you may only be obliged to pay one set of statutory tuition fees.
      • If you believe that you may be eligible to pay only the statutory tuition fees on the basis of information that may be unknown to us, please report this to your Course Department.
      • If it later transpires that you do not meet the requirements for statutory tuition fees, you will be obliged to pay the (higher) institutional tuition fees and if this is the case, you will be notified accordingly.

      Some Fontys study programmes offer the Holland Scholarship to their students. Check out the link to see if this study pogramme participates and for more information.

      You might also be eligible for other scholarships not provided by Fontys. These can be found on Grantfinder.nl.

      Paying in instalments

      Collection will take place in a maximum of ten equal instalments on or around the 26th of the month. Depending upon the processing time required after your enrolment, the direct debit may need to be moved to the following month. If so, the amount outstanding will then be divided and added to the remaining instalments to be executed until and including the June instalment.

      If paying the full sum in a single payment

      If you commence your studies on 1 September, the direct debit pertaining to your Tuition Fees will be executed on or around 25 September. If you commence your studies after 1 September, the direct debit will be executed on or around the 26th of the month in which you commence your studies.

      Non EU students

      Incoming Non EU students will receive a payment letter from their study department which must be paid before the deadline. In the following academic years payment can be done by direct debit.


      If you have a Bank account number, of which the bank is not situated in one of the SEPA countries, and you are a national of a country outside the EEA without an address in The Netherlands, then you will receive a paymentletter from Fontys via your course department.

      The Dutch currency unit is the Euro (i.e. abbreviated to ‘EUR’ or ‘€’).

      The average living expenses per month for a foreign student living and studying in Holland are between EUR 900 and EUR 1,100 per month. These living expenses cover rent, insurance, food, public transportation, books, clothing and other general costs. 

      Dutch Immigration Service (IND) requires non-EEA students to proof they have access to € 11,520 per year (€ 5,760 per semester)

      Costs within the first months upon arrival will be higher than all other months due to a housing deposit, intro week and books. Study books are usually bought at the start of the semester and therefore it is wise to reserve and have direct access to an amount at the start of the semester which can cover the price of all study books and the living expenses for the first two months. 

      Before starting your study at Fontys, you must find suitable housing. Unfortunately, it is not easy for international students to find accommodation in the Netherlands due to the housing crisis. Start your accommodation search early. Please be aware that finding a place to live is your own responsibility. However, we are happy to assist in any way we can.


      After your studies

      With this study programme, you can obtain an international Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. You are trained to become an all-round expert in business engineering. With the knowledge and skills developed at Fontys University, our students have many options and are likely to find work as managers or consultants in large and medium-sized production companies. This can be in all kinds of departments, such as Planning, Marketing, Organisation, Research, Automation, Logistics of Purchasing. Our graduates also start working in the service industry or for local authorities.

      You may work at:

      • Technical companies in the Brainport Region;
      • Development centres;
      • Production companies;
      • Trading or service companies;
      • Your own company.

      Master’s degree

      You also have the option to follow a master’s degree at another university. We have developed a special programme with Eindhoven University of Technology and Tilburg University so that you can make a smooth transition right away.


      Karel Jenis, alumnus about IEM
      "Before starting, I couldn't have imagined neither all the ups, neither the downs that awaited me, but if I could, I would do it again."

      Read alumni testimonials >

      How to apply

      All applications for our programmes have to be conducted via www.studielink.nl. Studielink is an online portal that allows applicants to apply and maintain their registration whenever they want to.

      The application process may differ for EU and Non-EU students, please read below what applies for you.

      Application deadlines

      February intake September intake
      15 November 15 May

      Start your online application

      • Log in to Studielink: www.studielink.nl.
      • Submit your personal details (please ensure that you enter your names as stated on your passport and/or identity card), ensuring that all details are entered correctly, i.e. capital letters where required.
      • Add 'New Enrolment Application': mind you choose the correct intake (February or September 2023).
      • Add your previous education and answer the supplementary questions.
      Educational institution Fontys Hogescholen
      Location of educational institution

      Application deadlines

      February intake September intake
      15 November 15 May

      Start your online application

      • Log in to Studielink: www.studielink.nl.
      • Submit your personal details (please ensure that you enter your names as stated on your passport and/or identity card), ensuring that all details are entered correctly, i.e. capital letters where required.
      • Add 'New Enrolment Application': mind you choose the correct intake (February or September 2023).
      • Add your previous education and answer the supplementary questions.
      Educational institution Fontys Hogescholen
      Location of educational institution



      Sign up for one of our events. There's no better way to find out if this study programme is right for you! Visit a webinar from the comfort of your home or meet us live on campus. Whichever you choose, we hope to meet you soon.

      Open Day
      November 4 and 5, 2023

      Save the date, so you can experience our campus atmosphere during our upcoming Open Day. Whether you prefer informative presentations or campus tours by our teachers and students, there will be something for everyone. Interested? Let us know, and we will notify you as soon as registration opens.

      Save the dates below for our Open Days:

      • November 4: Eindhoven and Venlo
      • November 5: Tilburg
      • November 25: Extra Open Day exclusively for Physiotherapy and Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy in Eindhoven.
      Online Webinar: Study at Industrial Engineering and Management | Online
      31 May 2023 16:00 - 16:30 CEST

      You will get to know the program together with other students. A special program has been put together for this online trial study day, so that you get a good picture of the study programme. You get to know students and lecturers and you experience what studying at Fontys entails.
      Is there no suitable date for you? Then contact the study programme.

      Download the factsheet

      In the factsheet you will find the most important information of this study programme at a glance.