WiFi i am visiting Fontys to work

This is applicable when

  • You do not have an eduroam account with another college or university
  • You did not receive internet access from the person who invited you

With the code that will be visible on the screen you can gain access to the eduroam WiFi network at Fontys University. This code will change every day.

On most information screens in the Fontys buildings you can find below information:

Ambience photo Fontys

Text the code of the day to mentioned mobile number.

Almost immediately upon sending you will receive a username and password which will only be valid for that day.

If there is no information screen available near you, or you contactperson cannot assist you, please call the Fontys IT service desk.


Fontys IT Servicedesk

Telephonenumer: 08850 77777
Building: Eindhoven Het Eeuwsel 2 (S1)
Room: 2.10

Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 17:00 hours