Wearable Sensors

Supporting healthcare through wearable sensors for people with dementia and erratic behaviour according to the multiple stakeholder perspective: people with dementia and formal and informal caregivers.

Project results
  • Working prototype of a wearable that is suitable for people with dementia.
  • Conceptualisation of interface design.
  • Sharing of scientific knowledge.  
Project team

Manon Peeters, Michiel Groenemeijer, Esther Felix, Fred Holtkamp, Annemie Sonselee, Peter Verkuijlen (BrabantZorg), Gideo Bruggeman (Het Laar), Prof. Dr. Eveline Wouters (Tilburg universiteit/Tranzo), Dr. Liselore Snaphaan, Prof. Loe Feijs (TU/e) & Dr. Rens Brankaert (TU/e en Lector Fontys).

Time frame

February 20202 till July 2020

Lectorate Health Innovations and Technology

Rens Brankaert

08850 84383

Project manager

Manon Peeters

08850 87639


BrabantZorg, Het Laar, Tilburg Universiteit/Tranzo, GGZe, TU/e