Travel advice

I am a student and I am making preparations for a trip abroad. Can I go? (31-05-21)
Since 15th May the Dutch government lifted the general travel ban. According to the Fontys’ policy for international mobility, Fontys issues a 'no-go' for foreign trips to countries with an orange or red travel advice and translates this into a very urgent advice not to travel. You need to check the travel advice up until the day of your departure; the travel advice which showed green or yellow when your registered for going abroad might have changed just before you’re about to leave. Please also check the website for information about preparing you Study/internship Abroad.

I come back from a trip from an area where code 'orange' or code 'red' applies. What should I do? (31-05-21)
Rules for entering the Netherlands by any means of transportation change on a regular basis. Filling out forms, quarantaine rules and showing negative tests are measures that might likely apply. Before you start planning your travels you need to check the current rules and measures. You can check here: and fill out the quarantaine checklist

What should I do when I am abroad and the situation changes there? (31-05-21)
During your stay abroad, you must always follow the local guidelines, those of the RIVM, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the local authorities. You also need to keep your contact details up to date in Mobility Online and maintain (close) contact about your status with your coordinator Internationalization. Your coordinator will discuss with you what to do. Efforts will be made to avoid study delay. Please note: this only applies to the situation where the travel code advice was green or yellow when you left for you study/internship location. In case the travel code advice was orange or red you will not be given any study support and your stay abroad is fully at your own risk, i.e. in regards to study credits.

Can (group) study trips or internships abroad be planned again? (19-05-21)
Traveling and staying abroad is currently associated with many uncertainties, many additional measures (in advance, during and upon return) and large differences. For the most up-to-date travel advice, please visit from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For outbound mobility, we follow the international mobility decision tree which is closely related to the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


For (group) study trips, the travel advice, the current rules for our society and those of the country of destination must of course be followed. We emphasize that the financial risks (e.g. repatriation, housing, etc.) lie with the student in question. Therefore, always consult your internationalization coordinator first, who will also inform you about other practical matters.

I live in Germany/Belgium but study/work at Fontys in the Netherlands, can I cross the border? Can I come to Fontys as a border employee/student? (31-05-21)
Border workers/employess and students are exempt from the home quarantaine of 10 days, registration and showing a negative PCR test when arriving in the Netherlands. Please only travel to Fontys if it is necessary.
The Dutch government is offering (since 5th May 2021) free tests you can take before coming to Fontys. Please order them
If you have any symptoms please stay home. Please  inform yourself about restrictions that apply in your own country for returning from the Netherlands. There are different rules for Germany and Belgium.

When am I a border worker/employee or border student? (31-05-21)
If you work or are enrolled at Fontys and your permanent place of residence is Germany or Belgium.

Can I still travel to the Netherlands from outside of the EU for my studies at Fontys? (31-05-21)
Till 1st June there are a number of countries from where flights are banned. Please check before you book, this date might change.
In general Yes, you can still enter the Netherlands if you have a valid MVV or study visa (verblijfsvergunning). Please be aware of the specific Covid-19 rules for entering the Netherlands like a negative PCR test and quarantain measures. Make sure to check the current rules for entering the Netherlands.

I cannot travel to the Netherlands because of the current travel/flight ban. What should I do? (22-01-21)
Please contact your study councillor, mentor or coordinator Internationalisation to discuss the situation.

Do I need to take a corona test when I travel to the Netherlands? (31-05-21)
Rules and regulations regarding testing and quarantine change all the time. To check the current rules and regulations you need to fill  in the quarantine checklist : it is all depending on which country you are travelling from.

What happens to my Erasmus+ scholarship if the travel advice changes and I can no longer stay abroad? (31-05-21)
Check updates for Erasmus+ Scholarship here