General information, terms and conditions accommodation

Although Fontys does not have its own campus dorms, it has established cooperation’s with a number of different accommodations agencies and landlords. Due to such cooperation’s, Fontys can provide students with guidance in finding accommodation for the first semester or academic year at Fontys. 

Fontys can only guarantee housing for a limited number of students.

Types of accommodations:
Standard accommodation (student room): The room measures at least 10 m2 (in case the room measures smaller, usually a shared living room is available or a lower rent is calculated).
The shared facilities are at least a kitchen with kitchen utensils, shower/bathroom and a toilet.
The rent is according the local market value in a range of € 325 - € 450 per month, energy and internet costs included.

Semi- studio: Small studio with a bedroom and private shower/toilet or a private kitchen.
The amount of rent will be at most €600,00 per month, energy and internet costs included.

Independent studio: Studio with private facilities. Only for Bachelor students (not for one semester).
The rent is € 628,00 – , per month, energy and internet costs included.

All types of accommodations are furnished and contain at least a bed (including duvet, pillow and 1 set of bed linen), cupboard, desk and chair. A shared laundry machine and access to internet (not always wireless) will be available. Sometimes extra costs for use of laundry machine and/or set of bed linen are charged. The distance to the Fontys campus is maximum 30 minutes by bicycle.

It is prohibited to live in a single room with more than one person.

Costs and payments
Please take into account that your housing agency will normally request an advance payment of the following items:
Two month terms of rental fees.
A refundable deposit, usually to the amount of one month of rental fees, as a security bond in relation to any possible damage to the accommodation.
Cleaning costs at the end of the rental period (max. ± € 100).  
When the use of energy is significantly more than average, the student will probably have to pay extra. So use energy wisely!
The student is responsible for paying the monthly rent (in time), so before the 1st day of the upcoming month. This is not the responsibility of Fontys.

Rental period
A Bachelor student applies for a rental period of one full study year. An Exchange student applies for a rental period of one or two  semesters.
Arriving later or leaving earlier than the mentioned period on the accommodation form will not lead to a lower total amount of rent.
Ending the contract earlier than the agreed upon rental period, will only be possible in exceptional cases and only with the approval of the housing agency / landlord and Fontys.

After the final date of the rental contract, the student must find a new room at a legal address by himself/herself!  

Comments or complaints
In case of comments or complaints about the accommodation, the student should contact the housing agency / landlord, as the rental contract is closed between student and housing agency/ landlord. If the problem persists, the student may contact Student Administration International for advice: 

Note to students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroun and Nigeria:
For students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroun and Nigeria it is obligatory to accept accommodation arranged via Fontys, the rent (start in September; 12 months + deposit) will be withheld from the living expenses and directly transferred to the landlord. In this case no other housing payments have to be made before the start of your study.