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FHK - FAQ enrolment

Frequently Asked Questions about how to complete your enrolment

How can I complete my enrolment?

Please check your messages in your Studielink dashboard regularly. You will be enrolled once you meet all the conditions. Take into account that the processing time is 3-10 working days. A diploma evaluation can often take up to 2-3 weeks (or even longer in summer).

After your admission you have been informed by fhksa@fontys.nl about how to complete your enrolment. Follow up the actions in that email immediately, so that you can start your study with a good feeling.

 If your enrolment is not yet complete, this can be the cause:

 ·         My personal details have not yet been verified

Please send a copy of your valid passport / ID card (not driving licence) to fhksa@fontys.nl so we can verify your personal details.

Note: all your first names must be written in full and your place of birth must be mentioned. If this is not the case, please also add a birth certificate or proof of residence of your municipality.

·         My previous education details have not yet been verified

In case your previous education is a Dutch HAVO / VWO / MBO4 or – when you start a master- bachelor HBO, your data are automatically entered into Studielink by DUO and automatically verified. You do not have to send us anything.
If you have just completed your final exams in the Netherlands you do not have to send us anything, we assume your details will be verified within 2 weeks.

Did you not obtain your diploma in the Netherlands of do you still see in Studielink that your previous education details have not been verified, please send us the following documents by regular post:

·         a certified* copy of your diploma and grade list
(*certified means that the copy of the original documents needs to be made, signed and officially stamped by your institution, a government office or at the Student Administration Office of Fontys, which confirms that the copy is the same as the original).

·         If your original documents are not written in Dutch, English, German, Spanish or French, please also provide certified, official translations of your documents, into Dutch or English. 

Make sure you send the original certified copies by regular mail. A scan via e-mail or a copy of the certified copy will not be accepted because their authenticity cannot be verified. Please send all documents as soon as you have these, but no later than July 1st (EU students) / May 15 (Non-EU students), to the following address and include your student number:

Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts
Student Administration Office C1.12
Zwijsenplein 1
5038 TZ Tilburg
The Netherlands

You can also personally deliver the documents during office hours at our office in room C1.12. (Please check our opening hours before you visit us).
In case you bring your original diploma and gradeslist, we can make certified copies as well. The office is closed from July 22, 2022 to August 16, 2022 due to holidays.
If you have recently send / handed in the documents, you don’t have to send them again. It takes around 10 working days to process your documents, please keep that in mind.

·         Arrange payment of tuition fees

In Studielink you have to indicate how you want to pay the tuition fees: from which accountnumber and do you want to pay the entire amount at once or in 10 instalments. These are successive steps that you can take (from mid May 2022) once your personal details have been verified. So check your Studielink dashboard regularly.
Note: you just need to confirm your payment details. The first direct debit will take place on or around 25 September. For an indication of your tuition fees, surf to fontys.edu/tuitionfees.

·         Language requirements

If you are going to attend a Dutch taught programme, you must meet the Dutch language requirement. If you have a Dutch or Flemish previous education, you automatically meet the language requirement. If you have a foreign diploma, you must submit a certificate of NT2 programme II before 1 September. 

For an English taught programme course, you must meet the English language requirement. If you have at least a HAVO diploma or a diploma from this diploma lijst, you automatically meet the language requirement. You have to hand in a language certificate before 1 September (EU students) or 15 May (Non-EU students). See more information on the website of your study programme, under admission requirements.

·         Other to do actions?

Some studyprogrammes require other documents that are not mentioned here. If this is the case, you will be informed via fhksa@fontys.nl.

I want to cancel my application

If you decide not to study at Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts, please withdraw your application on Studielink and send us an e-mail as well. This will prevent you from all kind of reminders of Fontys and Studielink and we may be able to make another student happy with your studyplace. Please cancel as soon as possible, but no later than 31 August 2022.