The lectoral event

After a year of hard work to develop the Thought Leadership professorship, the lectoral event will finally be held on 15 October 2015. The lectoral event will encompass the launch of the Thought Leadership Professorship at FHC, our ‘Dutch School of Thought’, and my appointment as associate professor, preceded by my lectoral speech. In other words, a grand celebration that conveys a pronounced intrinsic message with a healthy dose of imagination.

During the lectoral event, we are going to illustrate the meaning of the theme ‘Thought leadership in a society of change.’ Whether you’re currently a student, or working in the profit or non-profit sector, it is the increasing degree of involvement in the enormous changes in our global community that bind us.

In my view, organisations are playing an ever-larger role with and in these changes. This is why we need organisations that are not afraid to express and give concrete meaning to their innovative views on economic and social themes. These are organisations that dare to break out of the old thought and behavioural patterns in order to create room for change and renewal.
They are guided by an innovative philosophy and mode of thinking, and show this leadership by translating this body of thought into concrete actions and results. This is why, in the professorship, we call these organisations ‘thought leaders in a society of change’.

Our international research institute studies how these types of organisations deviate from the beaten path. Through the use of case studies, we investigate the successes and pitfalls of organisations that take such leaps of faith.
What has worked well, and what hasn’t worked at all? And how can we explain these successes and failures? We also place a specific focus on the role that assigning meaning to and the power of imagination play in breaking out of traditional thought and behavioural patterns, in order to create room for change and a new reality.

Associate Professor Dr Mignon van Halderen

Ambience photo Fontys


Welcome 15.00 PM
Gallery of Thoughts 15.00 PM
Official part 16.00 PM
Drinks 17.15 PM

Registration for the lectorale event is closed. For questions please email us at