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The Master Educational Needs (M EN)

The Master Special Educational Needs (M SEN)

a 60 EC Master degree (accreditated by the NVAO)

In The Netherlands all teachers are required to offer 'Passend Onderwijs'. Better education is a constant cause for concern for all of them. Fontys OSO starts from the perspective that the teacher does make a difference. At Fontys OSO students learn to give good lessons through practice. Students studying at Fontys OSO may have been teaching for several years already, in which case they will know themselves what points they want to improve on. The course leading to a Master of Educational Needs at OSO teaches them to look at their work and at themselves. That is the trademark of a practice-based course. Even those who have decided to do their Master immediately after their Bachelor will still be learning their profession in practice, as at Fontys OSO educational improvement and educational practice go hand in hand.

The Master of EN course can be taken through full-time or part-time study. Full-time students have usually already taken initial teacher training for primary or secondary education. The Master of EN will improve their chances of getting a job in teaching. However, most students are already education professionals, people with a number of years' experience in education. They take the course on a part-time basis. Their own educational practice is their field of research and the students work on improving their own educational context and teaching skills through practice-based research. Theory and practice constitute one inextricable whole.

The Master of EN covers all aspects of special education and personal and professional development take centre stage. The course is designed to teach students to link three angles: the person, practice and theory. Students can choose modules on teaching, behaviour and counselling.