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Support & advice

Support & advice

The Executive Board is supported and advised in administrative, strategic and legal matters by the secretary, deputy secretary, management consultant and communications consultant.

Jessie Rutten

Jessie has been secretary of the Fontys Executive Board since 2015. She studied law at Radboud University Nijmegen and before joining Fontys she worked as a policy officer and administrative secretary in the social domain.

Contact j.rutten@fontys.nl, Tel. 08850 74240.

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Sander Peters

Sander Peters has been the speechwriter/communication advisor to the Fontys Executive Board since 2017. He studied history at Utrecht University, and has years of experience as a text and speech writer in the public domain.

Contact sander.peters@fontys.nl, Tel. 06 38110955.

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Johan Struik

Johan Struik has been a management consultant to the Fontys Executive Board since January 2019. In the capacity of secretary he also supports the Student Success, Quality, Research, Information Provision, Professional Arena & Relations, and Strategic Planning committees.

Contact j.struik@fontys.nl, Tel. 06 12428395.

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Secretary to Executive Staff

Anya Sondak: a.sondak@fontys.nl Tel.: 08850 83197