Useful apps

Here are our top 5 must have apps for when you’re in The Netherlands to make your life just a little easier:

1. Google translate app

Obvious but not so obvious one. This helps with translating menus at restaurants, quickly finding the word you need in the right language and translating all official mail that you get from the city hall.

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2. 9292 app

This app helps when it comes to looking for which train/bus/tram you need to be on. It also gives you the prices of your trips and any updates on disruptions.

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3. Buienradar app

Which means “rain radar” in English. As you will soon come to realise the Dutch weather is rather unpredictable – which is why this app is always nice to have on hand. It gives you an hourly overview of what’s happening in the skies: it tells you when the next rain shower is going to happen, how long it will last and how intense it will be. Allowing you to step outside at just the right moments to avoid getting soaked.

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4. Thuisbezorgd/Uber eats/Deliveroo

All these apps are food delivery apps. Now I guess you can see how this can come in handy at any-time of the day, so I am not going to say much about them!

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5. Marktplaats

This app allows you to shop online and get secondhand items at a bargain price, from bikes to furniture. You can sell and buy on this app as well.

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