Fontys wise use of alcohol & drug-free

You are about to start or have started your (new) study at Fontys. A new step in your life; here you will discover new friends, here you will form your own personality, here you are you. Your course is the start of your own life. And to kick off this start with a bang, you'll get to know your new classmates at the Purple Festival, go to the pub with your friends or meet up at a cosy get-together! Drink a beer, dance, celebrate life and enjoy this great time together with your (new) friends.

And your new friends, are just like you! You may have the same interests. You are starting or are in the same education. Your friends, just like you, want to have a good time and show who they are. So do you? Because you are you, and everyone gets to see that, right?

Stay true to yourself and your friends

  • Keep it cozy. Have a beer, but make sure you can continue to also use your mind. That way everyone has the most fun.
  • Look out for each other. This way everyone can enjoy.
  • Stick to who you are and do what feels right for you.
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Fontys Introduction week 23 - 27 August

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National Prevention Accord

At the end of 2018, the National Prevention Agreement was signed, also by the HBO and WO. This agreement includes measures that focus on tackling smoking, obesity and problematic alcohol use.

One of the objectives in the agreement is a 50% reduction in excessive and/or problematic alcohol use among young adults studying (in 2040 compared to 2018). The expectation is that many health benefits can be achieved among the target group students (college and university), since here, compared to the other types of education, few preventive measures are applied and relatively much drinking is done. According to the agreement, excessive and heavy alcohol consumption should become less of a natural part of student life in the future.

The student associations, united in the National Chamber of Associations (LKvV), are committed to having their own contribution to the 'Study & Alcohol Prevention' plans in all cities where they are active. Part of this contribution includes measures to stimulate responsible alcohol consumption among their members and within the associations.