Continued studies

From higher professional education (HBO) propaedeutic year to university (WO) bachelor

If you have a higher professional education (HBO) propaedeutic certificate but do not have a pre-university (VWO) diploma, you no longer have the right of admission to a university (WO) course. (This became applicable in the academic year 2013-2014).

Expiry of the right of admission does not mean that it is impossible to be admitted. The university may make demands on the future student with a higher professional education (HBO) propaedeutic certificate. These demands concern the knowledge and skills you have gained in prior education (secondary education and/or HBO propaedeutic year). One of the demands, for instance, could be that mathematics was included in your package.

The demands the university may make must ensure that there is a better match between your prior education and the university course of study for which you are registering. The university will check to determine whether you satisfy these requirements.

From higher professional education (HBO) bachelor to university (WO) master; transition programme

Universities want to encourage a good transition from a bachelor study programme to a related master study programme. This support is known simply as the transition programme .

In order to switch from the bachelor to the university master it is preferable that the student is prepared in a programme during the bachelor. This way, the student loses little or no time and it is possible that he or she still is entitled to a study grant.

The transition programme can be offered in various ways: as a module of a bachelor course of study, in an independent programme, or as a programme that is provided by a third party.