Language Buddy

Language Buddy;
Meet, talk and learn from each other!

What is the Language Buddy (programme)?

After hearing about the great success of the ‘Language Tandem’ at Fontys Venlo, we now present: Language Buddy, an initiative of Study Association Lingua that matches students with each other to learn another language.

How to participate?

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The Language Buddy programme is for all students from Tilburg and Eindhoven that would want to participate. For example, if you are you an international student who would like to learn more about the Dutch language and culture. Or if you are going to study abroad and you would like to know more about the main language of that country, or if you just want to broaden your language-horizons.  

How to apply?

Did this get your attention? You can then fill out this form! There are no specific requirements, just motivation to learn (together)! After filling out the form, we match you with a suitable partner. It is then up to you and your partner to meet up. These meetings and matches can be in pairs or in larger groups.
If you have any questions, you can contact us via

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After sharing the success of the Language tandem with our partner universities, Fontys Venlo have asked for their support in encouraging students to participate in informally learning and sharing a language, with you, our students  from Fontys. So far, there are students from their Spanish, Japanese and French partners who would like to participate in this online Language tandem.   

How to apply? 

If you would like to learn and practice Spanish, Japanese or French in an informal setting and can offer German, Dutch or English, then please send an email to and they will try and make a language match.   

 Sign up now to broaden your language horizons!