Minors in English

You may choose a minor once you have successfully completed the first year of your Bachelor's degree. You have three options:

  • A Fontys minor is studied full time and starts twice a year, in September and in February. Make sure that there is no overlap with your major. You can check this in the Education and Examination Regulations (EER). Consult your academic advisor where necessary.
  • A minor or course offered by other Dutch Universities. For more information go to: 'Kies op Maat'.
  • A minor abroad, more information can be found on fontys.edu/studyabroad


Registration opens in February for minors that start in September. Registration for minors that start in February starts in July.

Minors may restrict enrolment so that registration will close once the minor is full, so make sure that you make your choice on time. For details about registration and the offer of Fontys minors in English please go to fontys.edu/studyabroad

These minors are available in English. A few of these minors offer their programme information in Dutch. When you would like to have more information about a specific programme, please contact the contactperson on the right side of the page.