Hackathon 'Idea generation'

Do you have the ambition to start your own company?

You’re raring to go but there’s one small problem; you don’t have the product or service to offer. Wouldn’t it be great to get some help and advice from professionals to support you in putting a plan into action? Therefore, Fontys Centre For Entrepreneurship presents:

The Hackathon ‘Idea generation’

We would like to help you achieve your dream. In order to start your own company you need a concrete idea of a product or service to attract clients, accomplish sales and to place yourself in the market. Fontys Centre For Entrepreneurship offers you the chance to participate in the Hackathon ‘idea generation’ workshop. Once you have participated in our workshop, you will have formed your ingenious business idea and will be ready to get started with your product or service concept. The Hackathon consists of 2 half day creative workshops. You will spend your first session working alongside fellow students in order to generate as many ideas as possible for products and services to bring to market. During the following phase, the ideas with the most potential will be chosen and refined until a product or service concept has been realised. Following this, you will make a choice as to which concept will make you a successful entrepreneur and create a pitch which you will then deliver to your peers. On completion of the Hackathon, you will be able to develop your business idea further by signing up for the additional programme ‘Are you an entrepreneur’ offered by the Centre For Entrepreneurship.

Our target group?

The Hackathon ‘Idea generation’ is suitable for students who:

  • Would like to generate a business idea through creative means and techniques.
  • Are eager to meet and work with fellow enthusiastic students.
  • Would like to know more about tailor made courses and opportunities offered by Fontys Centre For Entrepreneurship.

The Hackaton will be given in different places (Eindhoven and Venlo) on different times during the academic year. If you are interested in this Hackaton, please contact us by mail: cvo@fontys.nl