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The online platform that offers all kinds of practical information, personal support when you are in need of extra guidance and useful links. But also interesting initiatives for you to join.

In need of help?

Are you looking for a student counsellor, student psychologist or study career choice advisor? Reach out via the link below.


Wise use of alcohol & drug-free

Drink a beer, dance, celebrate life and enjoy this great time together with your (new) friends.

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Stay Connected

We have gathered some online initiatives for you on sports, social events, offers to assist etc.

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Corona and your studies

Information about policies, developments or measures.

updates and answers
There is a lot to consider for you as a student. Sometimes you have to arrange things (enrolment), make choices (which minor/internship abroad). Perhaps you are looking for an extra challenge (with a study association or in committees), or maybe you need help (negative BSA, personal or special circumstances). Fontys Helps!

IT help

Manuals, internet connection, IT helpdesk.

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Your stay in the Netherlands

Visa, insurance, work permit, accommodation.

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In need of extra guidance

Are you experiencing study-related problems? Fontys can offer you extra guidance through a student counsellor, student psychologist or study career choice advisor.

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Help with other topics:

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