Fontys House Rules

The Fontys House Rules & Disciplinary Measures are applicable to students, Fontys staff and all relevant third parties. In terms of students, these regulations are also applicable to external students, individuals following courses, contract students and transfer students. In other words, these regulations apply to all individuals participating in educational activities and/or using facilities provided by Fontys.

These regulations have been determined from a safety point of view, to maintain good order and on the basis that the norms and values existing within the Fontys organisation should be respected and adhered to by all parties associated with this organisation.

The application of these regulations is publicised at all entry points to Fontys campuses and buildings. The House Rules are also available for perusal via Facilities staff and Reception Desks and can also be perused by clicking on the link, Fontys House Rules.

All aspects of these regulations that are specifically of relevance to students are also to be included in the Fontys Students’ Charter. Upon final determination and implementation, these regulations will be communicated and publicised via the customary Fontys information channels.

The House Rules have been designated in relation to the following areas:

  • General House rules
  • Theft, Damage & Loss of (Personal) Property
  • Parking, Storage in Buildings & Skates
  • Smoking, Eating & Drinking, Animals (Pets) & Orderliness
  • Media Libraries
  • ICT Facilities
  • Video Security
  • Absence
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