Yulia Sytnyk

Why Fontys?

I was always sure about wanting to study abroad. When I had to choose in which country, I chose three. The Netherlands was not even on that list, but somehow I accidentally found the faculty of Marketing Management - Digital Business Concept at Fontys. The first time I read about it, I realized that this programme has everything I like. So without further doubt, I chose Fontys. Moreover, I think DBC offers lots of perspective for the future.

Can you tell something about your campus/city?

I`m studying in Tilburg (or Tilly, as we usually call it), which is quite small and cosy (smaller than Eindhoven but bigger than Venlo - perfect). But if you prefer very big cities, you can simply go wherever you want every weekend, because nothing is far away in the Netherlands.

Here in Tilburg you can meet lots of international students, so I never feel alone. Like parting? - You will definitely find a place to go. I also recommend you to visit LocHal (library) near central station. The campus itself is a special place for me as well, as it has such a creative and motivated atmosphere. By the way, we have a new building (Fontys ACI) and its amazing – you should definitely come to check it. There is always a place to study, drink coffee or just meet with your friends.

Do you have some tips for new students?

1.    Choose the programme that you feel is most interesting to you.

2.    In the first 2 months, study AND go out with your classmates. Then you will have a lot of friends.

3.    Just be yourself, be confident and everything will be ok.

Anything else you want to share?

Fontys is a perfect academy for you if you don’t like boring classes, about writing and reading literature. Here you will learn something practical and apply this knowledge to real companies (I did projects for Mars, M&M’s, etc.) Never miss your chance to study something interesting that increases your future perspective.

P.S Enjoy your life!!!