Teddy Kuijs

Why Fontys?

When I  first came at the Fontys campus  in Tilburg I felt immediately comfortable with the people around me. The atmosphere was good and the students made me feel happy with their enthusiastic attitude. The only problem, which I encountered, was the study itself. I always believed that I wanted to do something with fashion, but Fontys didn’t offer that type of study. I was seeking for the same atmosphere at different campuses across the Netherlands, but I didn’t find the right feeling. Then I heard about ILS, International Lifestyle Studies form a friend of mine. It’s not a fashion study but it goes perfectly with my interests. Only the Fontys campus in Tilburg offers the study  ILS. It was a confirmation for my school and study choice.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

Tilburg is a small city in the Netherlands. The establishment of university and the Fontys campus makes Tilburg a real college town. During the weeks and in the weekends, the city offers a lot of events by night. So if you love to dance and to get a drink with your friends, Tilburg will be a good choice for you. Besides the night life, Tilburg got international stores, like the Zara, Pull & Bear and H&M. In the center of the city you can experience the Brabant fellowship. This fellowship is also noticeable at the Fontys Campus itself. Maybe you will be shocked by the honest- and the “straight to the point” attitude we got in the Netherlands. Know, it’s not because we are being  rude it’s only to be kind and to help each other.

Do you have some tips for new students?

Don’t be ashamed to ask questions about anything. Nothing is ordinary or stupid. When I became a student I had a lot of questions, which I didn’t ask because I was ashamed. Please don’t feel embarrassed and tell what your needs are so you can become comfortable with the Netherlands and the studies at on the Fontys campus. And don’t worry were you drop the questions. If a person cannot help you he or she can make contact with other people, who will help you.

Anything you want to add…..

I just want to emphasize that you are so welcome.

Ambience photo Fontys

Teddy Kuijs

Country: The Netherlands
Study programme: International Lifestyle Studies