Patrick Valentin Mihaila

Why Fontys?

When searching for universities I had 4 criteria. I wanted to study software engineering, use applied sciences techniques, be close to Germany and can form a close bond to the lecturers.

Fontys was the one and only university that checked all the 4 boxes without breaking the bank. After reading some reviews online and carefully informing myself about the study and university I flew over to Netherlands for the open day. That’s when I fully understood why so many commend Fontys.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

Some call Eindhoven small, some call Tilburg small, but frankly, Venlo is the smallest one of all Fontys campuses. With little over 4.000 students in a city with 100.000 citizens, everyone lives relatively close to each other and you often run across friends when strolling downtown.

Venlo is a city in the Limburg province, so expect experiencing a lot of regional traditions and learning a German-esque Dutch. The Maas river port next to the city-center offers one of the most beautiful sunset experiences, whilst the campuses’ green scenery and smiling faces offer the best sunrise.

At the campus in Venlo you’ll find a lot of German students, relatively to other Fontys universities, as it’s located right next to the German border. This means you would have the chance to exercise your German skills as well! Derived from this aspect, another key point is the lecturers deep understanding of multiculturalism. For this reason, when I’m at Fontys I never feel homesick.

Do you have some tips for new students?

The most important skill you should bring with you, regardless where and what you want to study, is the one of a self-learning. Also called autodidacticism, makes for a very impactful skill and lesson I’ve retained from my school days, and find myself using daily in university.

Also, your choice of what to study has probably changed a lot, or you even ended up not knowing what to do. Coming to Fontys during the open day will surely help your decision, if not even show you other studies which you may find more suitable for your future!

Once you know what you want to do, make sure to stay in touch. Contact me, or a lecturer whenever you have an itching question or need help, whether it’s about the university, the city, or even about life as a student in Netherlands.

Anything you want to add?

I’ve been asked many time if I feel homesick, being more than 600km away from home. The truth of the matter is, I sometimes miss my friends, and family, but only when I’m alone. That’s why I sometimes find myself not wanting to get back to my apartment, and almost spend the whole day on the campus. Because when I’m at Fontys, I don’t feel homesick.