Mirte Glasbergen

Why Fontys?

While searching for colleges to attend, I found Fontys Tilburg. My study is based in a building called Academy for Creative Industries. I immediately fell in love the first time I came there. The building was filled with creativity! The people where very nice and I loved the ambiance.

I will never regret going to Fontys. This is mostly because I can really be me. The real me.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

My campus isn’t really big, but there are so many different people and different stories. All buildings have a different vibe, but it still feels like one.

Tilburg is a very cosy and lovely city. Although it isn’t very big, it has a big range of different people. The shopping centre is also not very big, but it does provide everything you’re looking for.

Also, Tilburg is the perfect place to explore and enjoy your student life. You can chill, shop, eat and spend whole nights in the clubs and cafés without ever getting bored!

Do you have some tips for new students?

Just to explore. Being a student can be kind of scary at first. But I promise that if you open up yourself, you’ll have the best time ever! You’ll meet lot of new people and you’ll all learn from each other. Because, everyone is kind of scared at first. Try to connect with other students so you can hold on to each other!

Mirte Glasbergen


Mirte Glasbergen

Country: The Netherlands
Study programme: International Lifestyle Studies