Maya Nolden

Why Fontys?

I chose Fontys due to the international possibilities they offer. First of all my study is in English, which will offer me a lot of opportunities in my future. Secondly a huge part of my program will be abroad, which will give me a lot of experiences.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

Eindhoven is a international city first of all. That means almost everyone will speak English and is open for new people. The city offers a lot of opportunities to go for drinks, parties, food markets and festivals, everything you need basically. Even if your are more nature related, you will find amazing opportunities to cycle in the nature, sit on a kanal and do sports outside.

Do you have some tips for new students?

As a new student I would advice you to go for events of the university’s or look for team sports to get to know people.

Enjoy your time at Fontys and the chilled life in the Netherlands!

Maya Nolden