Maria Andreea Frincu

Why Fontys?

The Bachelor’s degree is very important for my career in Finance and I know that Fontys is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands which offers a variety of Bachelor’s programmes in English. The fact that Fontys Univeristy is making a priority out of enabling students to broaden and deepen their knowledge through a mixture of theory, knowledge application and internships is of paramount importance to me and it also represents the key point in my decision of coming here to study.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

Venlo is a small, cozy and vibrant city where you can spend the free time doing sport activities, going to cinema or have a chat with friends in a very friendly café.

Do you have some tips for new students?

I would say that is better for them to start seeking for accommodation prior coming here.

Anything you want to add?

The decision to come in The Netherlands and study at Fontys was the best one until now regarding my career path.