Jaman Miah

Why Fontys?

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be”. I dreamt about Fontys and now I am studying at Fontys.

It was in 2014, the first time when I saw the Motto of Fontys University of Applied Sciences and the Motto says that “Think Bigger”. That motto impressed me a lot and then I started to think on big picture. After doing my research, I figured out that Fontys USA is the largest Applied University in the Netherlands and the international student’s communities are big who represent more than 70 countries around the world. Then I decided to take the adventure to Fontys as well as Netherlands. Well that pretty much all that I can say to you about my story for coming at Fontys.

Now the question is that why should you come to Fontys as an international student?

Fontys offers variety of courses from business to Technology and in other disciplinary. Its education system not only theatrical but also practical base, which will prepare you for future career. It has completely international environment for study with multicultural students. Moreover, compare to other university the study costs is reasonable for international students. Fontys also very helpful for any kind of problems for its students. There are several campuses of Fontys in several cities and the campus life is very enjoyable. One of the important reason that students should choose Fontys because it offers scholarship for the students. 

So, why not Netherlands:

As far as I know about Netherlands is that Netherlands is the only one country, which has the maximum freedom for its citizen than any other country in the world. It is also one of the peaceful country in the world with multicultural people. Dutch people are culturally rich and very open minded. Netherlands is very flat and well-structured country. The Dutch have made many lakes and parts of the sea dry, creating polders. There is a saying about this, which is "God created the earth, but the Dutch created the Netherlands."
Moreover, Netherlands has one of the top class education system in the world.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

Have you heard about the “Brainport”? If not then this is your time to discover about Eindhoven and Fontys. Eindhoven is place where I live and study at “Fontys Eindhoven Campus”. Moreover, this city is known as “Brainport” all over the world. Eindhoven is Europe´s leading innovation top technology reason. Eindhoven is also knows as students city and its international environment intrigues me, giving me the chance to broaden my scientific, business, and cultural horizons, exchanging point of views and socializing with people all over the world. Fontys is the appropriate place to do so since is one of the most prestigious university in the Netherlands and Europe.

Jaman Miah

Ambience photo Fontys

Jaman Miah

Country: Bangladesh.
Study programme: Industrial Engineering and Management.