Filip Zamfirov

Why Fontys?

I have travelled throughout Europe visiting a great number of countries and I was fortunate to encounter and connect with people from different cultures who enriched my life in many aspects, so it was only natural for me to choose an university offering a common ground for many nationalities. After doing research on different universities I chose Fontys for its high level of technical education and leading position among technical universities.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

Eindhoven is a city full with students, many places for socializing and interesting events throughout the year. It is also a good starting point for trips and adventures as train rides to different parts of the country aren't lengthy. The Fontys campus is separated in different buildings - each one designated for a separate study, a place where you are gonna spend a lot of time not only working but having fun with your new collegues (playing table football, pool, holiday celebrations or other activities and projects).

Do you have some tips for new students?

Going to a new place can be, and is often frightening, but is also perfectly natural. Focus on the excitement and don't worry too much. The most important tip would be just to have fun, and take the opportunity to learn, experience new things and meet a lot of new and friendly faces...also get a bike (and a good bike lock).

Filip Zamfirov

Ambience photo Fontys

Filip Zamfirov

Country: Bulgaria
Study programme: ICT & Software