Denisa Daroti

Why Fontys?

The reason why I chose Fontys and most importantly Eindhoven campus is because of the surrounding area. Brainport region and the High Tech Campus are of the most prolific parts of the country and furthermore, the Phillips influence brings a lot of new students to the city. Being a student in Fontys creates a bond between students and big companies, and accelerates the process of learning through projects and internships.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

Fontys campus in Eindhoven is full of international students. As soon as you enter the 2nd floor in R1 building, everywhere you look you find people of different nationalities, working all together. It is somewhat fascinating how the study programme brings us together.

Even when not at school, Eindhoven is still a very international city, where you might run into an international student on a daily basis. The city is quiet and also busy, at times, which makes a great combination for a student. You can get the busy, overly-crowded nightlife, as well as a quiet place where you can have your own time to study/relax.

Do you have some tips for new students?

As a first-year student, I’ve recently gone through the big step of moving abroad. It is essential that new students come to the Netherlands with an open mind, ready to embrace the new culture. This is the most important thing to do, that will make a new student move on and accept the new opportunities and differences a new country brings up to them. Once one goes through this first step successfully, everything will be easier.

Furthermore, what new students need to do is socialize as much as possible at the beginning. It is crucial that they start communicating with people that deal with the same sort of problems. Most of the times, new students get lost due to home-sickness. Being part of the group and sharing the same type of problems helps them integrate faster and have less time to think of missing home.

        Anything you want to add…

        I wanted to express that it is very important that people understand what studying abroad comes with. In many cases, people can only see the good parts in such experience, but expressing out loud any inconveniences and problems they might face could be a good thing, as it can lead to less “lost” students.

        Denisa Daroti

        Ambience photo Fontys

        Denisa Daroti

        Country: Romania
        Study programme: ICT&Software