Aibek Altynbek

Why Fontys?

Fontys University of Applied Sciences is ranked among the best universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands. Which is why the quality of the education is a top notch. The amount of offered studying programms and their diversity gives a potential student a wide range of opportunities. Moreover, university has several campuses in different cities. Last but not least, the amount of international students which apply to Fontys. Since we are living in a world where there are mix of hundreds of different nationalities, it is important to have a certain knowledge on the topic of cultural differences, and Fontys provides with that opportunity.

Can you tell something about your campus / city?

One of the campuses of Fontys is located in the southeastern Netherlands, near the German border in the city named Venlo. In comparison with other bigger cities, Venlo is relatively small. However, the atmosphere in the city is amazing. The campus itself has several buildings, and plenty of rooms for students to work, which makes the process of studying easier. Also, the university can provide students with almost everything which is needed for studying.  

Do you have some tips for new students?

Be more open minded, get to know as much people as possible. It is important to make a potential network with people that might be as useful as you will be to them.

        Aibek Altynbek

        Ambience photo Fontys

        Aibek Altynbek

        Country: Kazakhstan
        Study programme: IBMS