We, Fontys Student Ambassadors, are here to share our personal experiences and to answer questions from prospective students.

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Romée Hoeks
Father from Nigeria and mother Dutch. So, I am mixed

Although you need some self-discipline you should enjoy your time at Fontys! Dream big, think big and unlock your full potential!!

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Lenka Závodská
Born in Czech Republic

Eindhoven is a fast growing city. In recent years it developed itself as a more international city. Our campus is a complex of multiple buildings. Our building, R3/R4, is the newest and most modern one. You can find all the essential facilities and also space to meet up with your friends and professors.

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Angelica Natalie D'sa
Born in Kenya

A unique style of teaching, more practical lessons than theoretical lessons which allows you to put what you learn into practice. Fontys treats the students as a person in training and not just as a student.

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Elena Dineva
Born in Bulgaria

Tilburg is a small city near Eindhoven (the brain port of the Netherlands). True the city isn’t very big, but it’s very cozy. I love the small streets and the cute cafés there. And in the spring Tilburg is one of the loveliest places I’ve ever visited! I think everybody should visit Tilly!

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Thusanthan Selvarajah
Born in Sri Lanka and raised in Netherlands

Go to the Fontys Purple introduction week. The friends you make there will be with you for the rest of the years to come.

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