Proof of living expenses NON-EEA students

Dutch Immigration Service (IND) requires non-EEA students to proof they have access to € 925 per month for the first year of the study (living expenses € 11.100) before they start their studies. Exchange students have to count the months of the exchange period.
The student will receive a payment letter for tuition fees and visa costs through their study department. Only in the first year you have to pay the full sum in a single payment. As from the second year you can pay the tuition fee in instalments.

Besides this, the IND requirements concerning the financial proof of living expenses (925 euro per month) are part of the visa procedure. The student can prove this amount through bank statements but the money can also be transferred to the Fontys bank account. The amount transferred to Fontys will be refunded in the first month of your stay to you newly opened Dutch bank account. Both possibilities will be given to the student during the visa application procedure.

Additional conditions for students of the following nationalities:

Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria.

Students of these nationalities have to be aware they have to transfer the full refundable amount of the living expenses (11.100 euro for the first year ) to the bank account of Fontys. Proof by financial documents you have access to this amount will not be accepted. Fontys will arrange accommodation for students from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Cameroon and Nigeria.

The rent for 12 months (number of months might differ in case of the February intake) + deposit will be withheld from the living expenses and directly transferred to the landlord. In this case no other housing payments have to be made before the start of your study. The remaining amount of living expenses will be transferred to your new Dutch bank account