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Open a bank account

Why a Dutch bank account?

A Dutch bank account helps you with your financial needs in The Netherlands during your stay. More specifically it enables you:

  • To pay the annual tuition fee for your study in equal instalments (for instance, per month)
  • Pay the rent of your room automatically every month
  • Make low value payments in shops, at school (canteen), vendor machines etc
  • To do PIN transactions in the Netherlands, free of charge
  • The bank card enables use of ATMs and payments all over the world
  • Easy internet banking, which is included in your bank account application.

    How to open a Dutch bank account?

    Visit the banks of your choice and provide the following documents:

    • Your valid passport, of which a photocopy will be made
    • A proof of enrolment or registration at Fontys
    • Your residence permit for the Netherlands or the approval letter of the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) in case you do not have your residence permit card yet.
    • Your citizen registration number (BSN). You have received this number at your registration at the City hall. Or you will receive it shortly after your registration. Some banks allow you to hand in the BSN later (max 6 weeks)
    • Proof of your address (copy rental contract of your room)
    • If you do not have a BSN number fill in Tax of Identification Number / social security number home land.


    In case you are a minor (<18) opening a bank account will not be easy. Bring the personal data of one of your parents, a home address and an email address. You are allowed to hand in your citizen registration number (BSN) at a later moment. If you have a birth certificate with you it will be of help. Your parent(s) and/or guardian(s) need to be present at the appointment. ABN-AMRO documents needed if you are a Minor: Declaration of consent.

    Further instructions will be provided by the bank of your choice