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Basic Health Care Insurance and a job

If you combine your study (e.g. Achitecture) with a part time job related to your study or you have a student job or you are an international intern receiving at least the Dutch minimum wage that applies to your specific situation, you are considered to be insured under the Dutch Health Insurance Act.

Please check the information on the website of the SVB to see if you are required to take out a Dutch Basic Health Insurance. If the outcome is yes, we recommend the health insurer InsureToStudy This Dutch health insurer is able to provide services in English and can answer any further questions you might have regarding the Dutch standard health insurance. Fill in the application form Basic Health Care insurance and send it by email to info@insuretostudy.com 

If you already have an InsureToStudy insurance (or if you are willing to take out one), you can profit a very low priced Dutch Basic Health insurance combination with Hollandzorg. The special premium per month is 107,55 euro without any excess (normally 385 euro per year). This insurance can be applied to and be cancelled on a daily base which means that you can easily switch this insurance on if you start working and off the day you have stopped.

If you do not have an InsureToStudy insurance, InsureToStudy will contact you for one, after receipt of the application form. You can only profit the low price in combination with the InsureTostudy the BasicPlan cover, this is the coverage without the medical expenses.

Of course you are free to take out any other basic health care insurance but without any special price or arrangements. Find a list of providers here

Note: You will risk a big fine if you don't take out the Dutch Basic Health insurance if you are obliged to.