Accommodation in Venlo

In short, the application procedure for a housing request through Fontys Venlo

  • Fill in and send the accommodation form to before the deadline: Fall semester 15 June, Spring semester 8 December.
  • The accommodation officer sends detailed information about the housing agency 3 weeks before start of study at the latest.
  • Housing agency contacts you
  • Transfer two months of rent + deposit before arrival to housing agency (no payment = no entrance accommodation, but still the obligation to close rental contract)
  • Accommodation is available on the agreed date.
  • You are obliged to accept and pay for the offered room for the whole rental period. Please keep this in mind prior to signing the rental contract.
  • Please note that we can only process applications if we still have rooms available.
  • Fontys only has a limited number of student housing through housing agencies available.
  • Please note that the housing situation in Venlo is scarce.

How to apply for an accommodation in Venlo

To apply for accommodation assistance at Fontys Venlo click here.