Europe’s most important logistics hotspot and international region

Fontys Venlo is located only 5 minutes away from Germany, in one of the strongest cross-border regions in Europe. Being Europe’s most important logistics hotspot, it has always had an international focus and a strong sense of entrepreneurship. The cosy and historic city center of Venlo has buildings dating back to the 14th century. Venlo’s city centre is characterized by many beautiful and historic buildings that remind of the predominant centuries-old tradition. Here, a vibrant, beautiful and modern city has developed around this historic centre attracting many locals and tourists through its multiple shops, restaurants, cafes and leisure activities.

Venlo in keywords

  • Small and cosy city center
  • With lots of events
  • Cool student parties
  • Free sport activities for students
  • Many companies
  • Logistical hotspot
  • 3 mln consumers in a radius of 100 km

Special about Fontys Venlo

  • Study programmes offered in English, German and Dutch
  • Very entrepreneurial: run your own company in our business programmes
  • Close connection to the companies in the area
  • Very well known for its logistics programmes

Campus Venlo (W1)

Tegelseweg 255, Venlo

Locatiekaart op adres: Tegelseweg 255, Venlo