Transportation by car

You will probably discover that it is not necessary to have a car to get around in the Netherlands, as the public transport network extends to all of its remote corners. However, if you do wish to drive in the Netherlands, please check that your driving licence will be valid in the Netherlands and you must ensure that you have adequate insurance cover! It is also important to ensure that you are well acquainted with the national road rules, the required documents and the regulations associated with owning a car in the Netherlands.

Car costs

In the Netherlands, second-hand cars are advertised via the Internet and in newspapers. All cars must display stickers of roadworthiness, which must be renewed on an annual basis, so if you purchase an older vehicle, you must bear in mind that you may be confronted with some unforeseen costs. Although you may find a cheap car, it may cost you a small fortune to get it into the right shape to pass the annual inspection.

In addition, without a sticker of roadworthiness, your insurance will not cover you in the case of an accident and if it is noted by the police that you do not have a sticker of roadworthiness, your car may be confiscated. Other costs that you will need to take into account in running a car will include road tax, mandatory liability insurance, expensive fuel and parking fees in city centres.

Road rules

Foreign drivers often find the most unexpected road rule in the Netherlands to be that all traffic coming from the right has the right of way. This is also the case for cars turning out of small side streets, unless signs indicate otherwise. Even cyclists have right of way if they are coming from the right, but pedestrians do not. Cars must stop for pedestrians at zebra (pedestrian) crossings and/or if turning right, but in all cases, pedestrians must exercise extreme care. If you are cycling in the Netherlands, you must always remain vigilant, as drivers sometimes make strange and/or unexpected turns at crossings. In general, Dutch drivers do not tend to drive in a relaxed fashion.