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Studying in the Dutch language

You may decide to come to the Netherlands to follow a tertiary course programme in the Dutch language, even though Dutch is not your mother tongue. If this is the case, you will be required to follow the official course, ‘Dutch as a Second Language, Programme II’ (NT2-II), to prepare for your course programme.

Via the website, ‘Study in Holland’, you will find details of some language centres where courses can be followed that correspond to the level of the Dutch State Examination, ‘Dutch as a Second Language, Programme II’ (NT2-II). Foreign students are required to pass this examination before being admitted to higher education programmes in the Netherlands. Anyone wishing to be admitted to the NT2-II Beginner’s Course must have a good command of French, German or English. For further information, please refer to our language courses.

The minimum requirement for participation in a Dutch Bachelor degree programme is a secondary education diploma that would qualify the applicant for admission to higher education programmes in the Netherlands(i.e. at an institute for higher professional education, applied sciences, or a research university). For further information regarding what the Fontys University of Applied Sciences can offer you, please refer to the overview of Fontys Bachelor degree programmes.

The Dutch language

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