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Master's Degree Programme

If you want to enrol in a master's degree programme, you may not be automatically admitted to any specific master's programme. Admission may be subject to selection criteria. As a result, it is important for students to make a conscious decision when choosing a master's programme

Master’s Degree programmes have a minimum duration of 1 year and 60 ECTS credits. There are also Master's degrees of 2, 3 or 4 years with 90, 120 or 240 credits. As to the content: students acquire more in-depth knowledge of a specific profession; this culminates in a thesis or final project, with an emphasis on applied research. All master's degree programmes  are generically rated at NLQF/EQF level 7. Look at the course information under the 'Course content' section, where you will find more information about your study per course.

Degrees and Titles

Upon graduation you are conferred a degree by the Executive board. You are also entitled to a title when you receive a bachelor’s degree.  

Master’s Degree

Upon completing a Master’s degree programme you are entitled to hold a Master’s degree. At Fontys you can obtain the following degrees:

  • Domain Education:      Master of Education
  • Domain Healthcare:     Master of Science
  • Domain Visual Arts:     Master of Arts
  • Domain Music:             Master of Music
  • Social studies:             Master of Arts
  • Domain Language and Culture: Master of Science

It is appropriate to state your graduate status after your name: a M followed by an abbreviation, e.g. Master of Education will be  “M Ed.”.