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Bachelor's Degree Programme

In the Netherlands a normal Bachelor’s degree programme has a duration of 4 years and 240 ECTS credits. Admission: havo-diploma, mbo-diploma (qualification level 4) or vwo-diploma (level 4+). The programme always leads to a profession. The degree upon graduation is Bachelor. All bachelor’s degree programmes in higher professional education are rated at NLQF/EQF level 6.

After the bachelor’s degree you may enrol in a master’s degree programme or you may participate in a Master's degree program at a research university via a pre-master (bridging program). 

Look at the course information at the 'Course content' section, where you will find more information about your study per course.

Degrees and Titles

Upon graduation you are conferred a degree by the Executive board. You are also entitled to a title when you receive a bachelor’s degree.  

Bachelor’s Degree

Upon completing a Bachelor’s degree programme you are entitled to hold a Bachelor’s degree:

  • Domain Economy:       Bachelor of Science or

           Business Administration: Bachelor of Business Administration

           Laws: Bachelor of Laws

  • Domain Education:      Bachelor of Education
  • Domain Engineering:   Bachelor of Science
  • Domain Healthcare:     Bachelor of Science
  • Domain Visual Arts:     Bachelor of Arts
  • Domain Music:             Bachelor of Music
  • Social studies:             Bachelor of Arts