Erasmus+ Scholarships

The European Erasmus+ scholarship is available for Fontys students that are going to Study Abroad at a Partner University or do an Internship Abroad.

Fontys applies for the Erasmus+ funds and manages the funds, controlled by the European Commission. On this page you find information on the conditions and possibilities.

Erasmus+ and Coronavirus

The coronavirus affected and might still affect many (plans) for studies / internships abroad. In the documents below you will find information on what this means for your Erasmus+ Scholarship.

These files are updated regularly. Click the button for the academic year you are (planning to be) abroad and find out the regulations for that year.

For more information on Coronavirus, outside Erasmus+, check the Fontys News page.

Erasmus Student Network

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation that might have a local section in the region where you go.

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Going Abroad with extra support

Erasmus+ stimulates the participation of everyone and promotes an intercultural learning experience for all students.

Additional funding is therefore available for students that want to go abroad and that due to a disability need extra support. For example; special housing, medical support, supportive equipment, mentoring or adjusted study materials.

Don't hesitate to contact your Coordinator Internationalisation or to request further information and support on how to apply for this extra funding.

Fontys Erasmus+ scholarship calculation tool

You can use this tool to get an idea how high the scholarship will be. The amount of the Erasmus+ Scholarship is based on months plus remaining days and will be calculated accordingly. Taking into account that a month always exists of 30 days regardless of which month it is. Please use the tool below to calculate the Erasmus+ scholarship for which you could apply. No rights can be derived from this tool.

Erasmus+ and Brexit

Even though the UK left the EU on January 31st, 2020. The United Kingdom is in 2020 and the 1st semester of 2021 still an eligible country for Erasmus+ Scholarships. The situation from the 2nd semester of 2021 is not sure and depends on the current negotiations between the EU and the UK.

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Deadlines Application Erasmus+ Scholarship
(in Mobility Online)

SPRING 2021:

Study Abroad: 25 November 2020

Internship: 9 December 2020

If you cannot make these deadlines, contact your Coordinator Internationalisation

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