• How can I apply for a minor Study Abroad?
    All applications for a minor Study Abroad (Fontys wide partner, Fontys School partner university and freemover) have to be submitted through Mobility Online. If you are applying to study abroad at a Fontys partner university we recommend you to watch our instructional video which will guide you through all steps of the application process in Mobility Online.
  • How do you decide who can go to which university?
    For Fontys-wide partners the selection will be based on the motivation students wrote in their application in Mobility Online. Team Study Abroad has specific criteria to assess the motivations. You can read more about the selection procedure in the document ‘applying for a minor Study Abroad’. Please note that other requirements may apply when you want to study at a Fontys School partner, for more information contact your coordinator Internationalisation.
  • Can I apply for an exchange place at a partner university of another Fontys School?
    No, it is not possible to apply for an exchange place at a Fontys School partner of a school that is not your own. For example, if you study at the International Business School you cannot apply for an exchange place at a partner of the School for Marketing and Management.
  • How many applications do you get for one exchange place?
    This varies per partner university. To get an idea for the competition for exchange spots at Fontys-wide partner, you can check the competitive scale in the overview of Fontys-wide partners.
  • The university I want to study at is not on the list of partner universities, what can I do?
    If you wish to study at a university abroad that is currently not a Fontys wide of Fontys School partner you can decide to go as freemover. Fontys does not establish agreements at the requests of students.
  • How long after I apply will I know which university I will go to?
    We strive to give you an answer about your placement two weeks after the end of the application round.
  • Do I already have to know which courses I want to take before I apply for the minor Study Abroad?
    No, you will not have to make a learning agreement until after you have been placed at a partner university. However, we do advice you to have a look at the courses a partner university offers to see if they have enough interesting courses for you to collect 30 ETCS. You can also contact your coordinator Internationalisation to get more information about any requirements for courses your school may have. It is also advised to use any courses of interest in your motivation.
  • I want to study at a fee-paying partner, how do I apply for the Fontys contribution?
    After you have been selected for a place at a fee-paying partner we will send you information about how to apply for the contribution. Please note that there is not guarantee you will be granted the contribution.
  • What are the application deadlines?

    Application period spring 2021

    Application opensDeadline
    Study Abroad 31-08-202014-09-2020
    Internship 31-08-202002-02-2021
    Freemover 31-08-202002-02-2021
    Erasmus study 31-08-202025-11-2020
    Erasmus internship 31-08-202009-12-2020

    Application period fall 2020

    Application opensDeadline
    Study Abroad 20-01-202003-02-2020
    Internship 20-01-202024-08-2020
    Freemover 20-01-202024-08-2020
    Erasmus study 20-01-202031-07-2020
    Erasmus internship 20-01-202031-07-2020