The Fontys Student Entrepreneur Agreement

The Fontys Student Entrepreneur Agreement is designed to enable you as a student entrepreneur to combine your studies and your business obligations. Fontys creates an environment in which student entrepreneurs can grow and excel.

Fontys actively supports passionate entrepreneurs who are just starting out, to fulfill their business goals. Of course society in general benefits when the number of starters continues to increase. With the help of the Fontys Student Entrepreneur Agreement, Fontys strives to stimulate every student to stretch themselves to the maximum and continue to grow and develop both themselves and their company.

What kind of facilities can you use?

  • Accompaniment by a (external) coach
  • Adaptations regarding obligatory attendance
  • Workshops entrepreneurship
  • Adapted examination arrangements
  • Adapted first year diploma (‘propedeuse’) arrangements
  • Adapted internship and graduation policies

Do you want to make use of the Fontys Student Entrepreneur Agreement?

If you wish to make use of the Fontys Entrepreneur Agreement, we kindly ask you to register via the following link:

After completing the application form, CvO will review your application and contact you as soon as possible to discuss the following steps. Should you be considered as a candidate for the Fontys Student Entrepeneur Agreement then additional information will be needed, such as the completion of:

  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Design

If it concerns an existing business, then the following applies:
Finances: balance, forecast, basic health of the organization will be reviewed. (in other words, do you expect to go belly-up within the next few weeks?)

The screening commission

When your documentation is in order, then you will be able to appear before an independent screening commission. The commission will make an assessment to determine, from your documentation and presentation, whether you are “fit”and “viable” enough to be considered a reasonable risk.  After the meeting, the commission will submit a recommendation regarding your application for use of the Fontys Student Entrepreneur Agreement.

Upcoming screening dates:

Thursday 22th of February (17:30-21:00u)
Thursday 22th of March (17:30-21:00u)
Thursday 19th of April (17:30-21:00u)
Thursday 17th of May (17:30-21:00u)
Thursday 14th of June (17:30-21:00u)

* Please note, you need to be invited to these dates.

More information needed?

Mail to or step by at our office 'Fontys Centre for Entrepreneurship' (Fontys Rachelsmolen Eindhoven, gebouw R5, kamer 1.42) or give us a call 08850 74712.