Student Participation

Within Fontys there are different possibilities to be active, apart from your work or your study, for example in formal representation councils or boards of  study or student associations, but also in a more informal way, for example by organising the introduction for new students or by thinking along in brainstorm meetings.

Are you a student or employee who is active in this way, than you can be supported by advisors of the Centre for Representation.

When you, as a student, are active in a board of a study or student association during your study time you could qualify for a board membership grant.​ When you are active in a representation council you can claim representation money. Besides that an active student is eligible for mentioning your activities on your diploma supplement. Staff members who are active in representation councils or  degree program committees are being facilitated in time. More information about this you can find in the Fontys Regulations on the Participation Councils and Degree Programme Committees and on the representation and participation page.

    • Board Membership Grant

      To be eligible for a board membership grant, you need to meet the following criteria:

      • Being enrolled at Fontys as fultime student or following a professional programme
      • Entitled to a performance-related grant (exeptions possible for foreign students)
      • You haven’t finished your degree yet
      • You have been active in a board during or ultimately 12 months after the performance-related grant period
      • You must renounce your claims to graduation support stemming from board activities

      You will receive a grant of maximum 12 months during your study career at Fontys.

      Application form board membership grant

      More informatie

      Profiling Fund

    • Representation Money

      You have the possibility to exchange your activities as member of a representation council for ESTC’s. When you don’t want to do that or can’t do that, you can ask for representation money.

      For asking representation money as member of the CPC (CMR) you can contact

      When you are member of an IPC (IMR) or DPC (OC) please contact the administration office of your degree programme. 

      More information

      Profiling Fund

    • Diploma Supplement

      When you have been active as a student in a board or council within Fontys you may be eligible to have that mentioned on your diploma supplement. In this document is described what you have to do. Take note you start in time with the application. In the TER (OER) of your degree programme is stated how long in advance you have to apply.

      If you have any questions, please contact the CfR advisor of your institute.