Register with the municipality

City hall/Town hall registration

Under Dutch law, anyone staying in the Netherlands for more than four months must register with the local municipality. It is illegal to live here without being registered. More information about how to register in Eindhoven. More information about how to register in Tiburg.

To register with the municipality you must

have the following documents:

  • Your passport or (for EU/EEA/Swiss nationals only) another official identity document.
  • Original birth certificate or original legalised true copy of the birth certificate.If your birth certificate was not issued in Dutch, English, French or German, you will also need to submit a sworn translation.
    • The letter of confirmation that your application for a residence permit has been approved by the immigration service (for non-EU/EEA students only). You received this document attached to the last mail from Visacare.
    • Students from Belgium, Aruba and the Dutch Antilles need to show a proof of deregistration from their home municipality.
    • Certificate of civil status. You have to bring this from your home country. 
    • Your original rental contract. If you are lodging in a private home, the homeowner must provide written confirmation that you are living with them.
        • The VVR itself, if you have already collected it from the Immigration Service.

        Special instructions for Chinese students

        Chinese students are required to bring the following documents in addition:

        • Legalized notarized declaration which includes name, given names, date of birth, place of birth, name of father and name of mother and
        • Notarized certified true copy of the document or documents on which the notary has based his statement regarding the birth and the data of the parents.

        The documents that are accepted are:

        • Hukou (= household registration used in China)) of the parents in which the birth of the child is registered.
        • Declaration of the hospital which explicitly states that this statement can be used for the registration of the birth in the Hukou registry.
        • A statement from the Public Security Bureau where the requested data prove out and
        • Notarized certified copy of the updated and complete Hukou (*) of the child itself.

        How to change your address

        Should you move to another address in the same municipality or to another Dutch municipality during your stay you must inform the new municipality of your change of address and provide the documents of proof as shown above.

        IMPORTANT – leaving the Netherlands
        It is very important that you deregister with the local council before you leave the Netherlands.

        Municipal personal records database (in Dutch: BRP)

        The municipal personal records database (in Dutch: Basisregistratie Personen abbreviated to 'BRP') contains information on all residents in the municipality. This includes personal and address details of yourself and any family members living with you. The database is also used as a source of information by various other organisations, including the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND), the Tax & Customs Administration, and Social Insurance Bank. These organisations rely on the address details as listed in the municipal database.

        Citizen service number (BSN)

        Once you are registered, the municipality will issue you a citizen service number (in Dutch: Burgerservicenummer abbreviated to'BSN'). This is a personal number that you will need for various purposes. 

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