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An online platform with practical information, personal support and useful links for Fontys students

Fontys can offer you guidance and (personal) counselling as well as advice if you have any questions and/or require assistance in special circumstances:

  • Student counsellors: study-related problems (e.g. financial support, studying with a limitation, personal worries, family circumstances, complaints, objections and appeals)
  • Student psychologists: psychological problems (e.g. concentration difficulties, fear of failure)
  • Study career choice advisors: study and career choice (investigation into your interests, personality and capacities, support with job applications).
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Due to the measures related to the Corona virus, all appointments have to take place by telephone- or via Skype conferences.

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How To Respond Effectively To The Corona Crisis

​​​I feel unsafe at Fontys. What can I do?

Did you experience something that makes you feel uncomfortable at Fontys? Or do you simply want to know where to turn for help or advice in certain situations? Find your way around Fontys on this page and choose the most appropriate help for you.

If you think something is missing from this page, please let us know.

Is a common (unsafe) situation missing from this guide, and would you like to know where to go within Fontys? Let us know via and we will assist you. 

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I am being bullied, threatened or harassed

Are you a student?
First, talk to your academic counsellor. If necessary, you can call upon the expert help of the student psychologist, student cousellor or confidential advisor.

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I need psychological counselling

Are you a student?
Talk to your academic counsellor. For more specialist help, you can call upon the student psychologist, student counsellor or confidential advisor.

You may, of course, also make an appointment with your general practicioner (huisarts)

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I am a victim of theft

Control room
In cases of theft, notify the Fontys control room: or 08850-74966.

Making a report
Report the crime to the police and ask for a copy of the police report. You will need this for insurance purposes.

ICT Servicedesk
Has your Fontys laptop or mobile phone containing sensitive information been stolen? Please also notify the ICT Service Desk: or 08850-77777.

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There is an emergency situation. What can I do?

Call the internal alarm number 08850-77119
The control room will quickly raise the emergency services and provide them with access at the gate.

If necessary, call 112.

Report an accident
Report an accident using this form. This is for insurance purposes.

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My device has been hacked or I am receiving suspicious emails

Received phishing mail? Forward it to You can see how to do this here.

Data leak
You may report a data leak using the data leak report form.

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I’m experiencing a problem abroad

Internationalisation co-ordinator
Contact the Internationalisation co-ordinator at your institute.

Emergency situation?
Contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You can do this 24/7 on +31 247 247 247 (for Dutch nationals) .

Travel insurance Emergency number
If you are insured at Fontys, the emergency number for advice or guidance is: +31 (0)10 4535 656

Further tips

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I have an uneasy feeling about someone or a situation

Notify the reception of the building in which you find yourself. Or call the control room: 08850-74966.

Less acute
Talk about it with your academic counsellor (students) or line manager (staff) or notify

E-learning for employees: learn how to recognise suspectbehaviour and how to deal with it.

Dennis Trip - Security advisor

Most of us don't think about security until something happens, which is a good thing. This means that we enjoy a safe environment at our schools. Nevertheless, it is good to stay alert of each other and your surroundings. With 40 to 42 thousand students and 4 to 5 thousand staff, it's always possible that something happens.

Lies Leijs - Student Counsellor

It is our aim to offer easily accessible help. We won’t make a drama out of things, although, of course, it sometimes is. The main thing is that the door is always open. Students have nothing to lose by walking in. There are professionals here to help you.

The Fontys Center for Entrepreneurship (CvO) supports and stimulates (potential) student entrepreneurs when necessary in the field of entrepreneurship. The first step towards independent entrepreneurship starts at the CvO. It has created an environment where students are supervised and coached when starting their own business. Due to its rich knowledge and expertise in the area of ​​entrepreneurship, the CvO is a focused environment for discovering, preparing, guiding and launching an entrepreneurial career for all its Fontys student entrepreneurs.


Please contact us via:
Phone number: +31 8850 74712

As a newcomer in the Netherlands you might not know where to buy certain products. In this list you will find useful links.

Within Fontys there are different possibilities to be active, apart from your work or your study, for example in formal representation councils or boards of  study or student associations, but also in a more informal way, for example by organising the introduction for new students or by thinking along in brainstorm meetings.

Are you a student or employee who is active in this way, than you can be supported by advisors of the Centre for Representation.

When you, as a student, are active in a board of a study or student association during your study time you could qualify for a board membership grant.​ When you are active in a representation council you can claim representation money. Besides that an active student is eligible for mentioning your activities on your diploma supplement. Staff members who are active in representation councils or  degree program committees are being facilitated in time. More information about this you can find in the Fontys Regulations on the Participation Councils and Degree Programme Committees and on the representation and participation page.

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    Call 112 in life-threatening situations

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    Call +31 900 8844 for non-emergency police assistance

    anywhere in the Netherlands

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    Call or chat +31 900 0113 Suïcide prevention

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    Call ‘Huisartsenpost’ in case of non life-threatening situation outside office hours and in weekends.

    Huisartsenpost Eindhoven +31 88 876 5151

    Huisartsenpost Tilburg +31 85 53 60 300

    Huisartsenpost Venlo +31 900 8818

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    Call +31 8850 77119 in case of a life threatening emergency

    on campus.

    Welcome on this platform. Here you can find all kinds of practical information for your stay in the Netherlands and the support Fontys can offer you.

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    Let's stay connected

    We have gathered some online initiatives for you on sporting, social events, offers to assist etc.

    take a look

    Your study and Corona virus

    Here you can read updates and answers to frequently asked questions about the Corona virus

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    In need of extra guidance

    Are you experiencing study-related problems? Concentrating difficulties, performance anxiety or doubts about your choice of study programme? Fontys can offer you extra guidance.

    Due to the measures related to the Corona virus, all appointments take place by telephone- or via Skype conferences. Make your appointment online via the link above. It doesn’t matter which location you choose, as said before all appointments take place by telephone or via skype.

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    Studying at Fontys

    Re-enrolment, diploma supplement, administration

    More information

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