Student Talent Development

There's no such thing as the archetypal higher vocational student. Each student has their own educational background, learning needs, experience, knowledge and talents. At Fontys those talents form the starting point. They are guiding. We are there for everyone who wants to discover and develop their talents at higher vocational level. For anyone who wants to further develop their talent as a professional. Whether your talent is for an elite sport, business, technology, caregiving, organising or creating.

From individual talent to professional

We offer our students the prospect of optimal development, based on their individual talent, into professionals who are ready to enter the job market. Into professionals who assume social responsibility, contribute to innovation in their professional arena and who continue to develop.


Fostering talent leads to intrinsic motivation for development and growth. Our education fulfils that role and stimulates students to get the best out of themselves. We provide a regional and international context for this. 21st century skills/innovation skills (technology, entrepreneurship and creativity) are also fully covered by us. This renders students more valuable to society, both as professionals and as individuals, and therefore employable in the long term.

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