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2011 Belgrade, Serbia

River front development

The October 2011 Stadslab Master Class in Belgrade resulted in an integrated development strategy for the 'Savamala' riverfront area. This part of the city has an excellent geographic location but due to the adjacent bus terminal and railway area lacks quality and consistency. A team of thirteen international participants, supervised by Igor Marko (FoRM Associates, London) and Mira Milanovic (DRO Amsterdam), presented an array of interventions to improve public space, accessibility and attractiveness of the location. We do not believe in blue print master planning for this part of the city. Its perceived value and its perceive remoteness block any large scale investments. Bottom up processes of community participation, stimulating local entrepreneurial initiatives and devising a branding strategy for the river can prepare the grounds for larger interventions. For this to happen, a consistent and convincing development agenda should be put in place for the large railway area adjacent to our site. The team also proposed a perspective on the 80 ha industrial railway area, which is not based on creating a new city centre, but starts from the position of bringing the river to the city and providing more space to the river to tackle increasing flood risks.

Fakro provided a scholarship fund to support talented designers to participate in this program.

Participants: Camila Bustamente (Chile), Paul Cleuren (Netherlands), Alena Makagon (Ukraine), Alena Pavlovska (Ukraine) Ana Savic (Serbia), Natsha Jankovic (Serbia), Wilco van Oosten (Netherlands), Saxon Duckworth (United Kingdom), Marnix Scholman (Netherlands), Arie Gruyters (Netherlands), Silvia Marques (Portugal), Taddeus van der Weegen (Netherlands)

Publication Belgrade 2011 (PDF)