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2008 Lublin, Poland

Innovative district

The Lublin Master Class 2008 was a further design research to develop the concept of Lublin City of Students. A major aspect of the development agenda from the 2007 Master Class was the repositioning of Lublin as a university city with new economic activities linked to research and innovation. A large (700 ha) industrial zone linking the new airport and the city center has been redesigned as the location for Lublin’s future growth. Park design, upgrading of unused railway tracks, new light mobility concepts, mixed program and a large conference facility form parts of the strategy of the international Stadslab participants. Key factor of the development is the concept of thematic research Clusters, linked to Lublin’s agricultural and herb industries.

The group consisted of eight international architects, urban planners and landscape designers.

Publication Lublin 2008 (PDF).