Expert meetings

In addition to the program of Master Classes Stadslab also provides the possibility for hosting cities to organize expert meetings to debate in-depth the particular spatial development topics of the city or region at hand. In expert meetings a number of renowned experts in their fields come together to study and discuss relevant topics. Expert meetings can be part of a Master Class program or organized as stand alone activities.

Examples of Stadslab expert meetings:

  • Strategic Urban Transformations for Fukuoka (with Andrew David Fassam, Director Urban Planning and Design, Singapore URA and others)
  • Strategic European Policy Developments (with Lidia Geringer de Oedenberg, Polish member Europarliament)
  • Connecting Talent Cities (with Carol Coletta, CEOs for Cities)
  • Urban Segregation (with Joan Busquets, Barcelona and Pal Baross, ING Real estate, Budapest)
  • Small Airports (with Hugo Gordijn, RPD and Rob van der Bijl, RVDB)
  • Fukuoka 2011

    In July 2011 the Stadslab program on Fukuoka kicked-off with an expert meeting to identify the strategic planning topics for the Fukuoka metropolitan region. A team of 4 international experts, plus Stadslab and Fukuoka Urban Laboratory (FUL) staff, met local stakeholders and experts. The expert meeting aimed to set the agenda for the Master Class program in which international participants will have the opportunity of working on selected issues and areas, supervised by the experts team.

    Among the topics that has been discussed are urban mobility, enhancing mobility in the region, national and international accessibility, airport, seaport and train terminal, waterfront regeneration to create new urban live-work neighborhoods and improved seaport logistics, new workspace for creative economy, R&D centers, university campus etc.

    Experts, that will act as supervisors of the forthcoming Master Classes, were:

    • Andrew David Fassam, director urban design, Urban Redevelopment Authority, URA, Singapore
    • Saline Verhoeven, Landscape architect and director at BplusB landscape architects, Amsterdam
    • Rob van der Bijl, Director/owner at RVDB/, Amsterdam
    • John Mader, Senior Project Manager at Lend Lease Japan, Tokyo

    The expert meeting took place in Fukuoka and has been closed by a Public presentation.

    For more information contact Stadslab or FUL.

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