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Stadslab fim EZOS (Courtyards) by Fabio Petronilli now online

During the May 2017 Master Class 'Tbilisi Courtyards', Milan-based filmmaker Fabio Petronilli joined the team to film the Master Class process and topic. In the 28 minute documentary EZOS, the city, the courtyards and the specific challenges related to their revitailization have been sensitively portrayed. Local experts and residents talk about their experiences in the newly renovated streets and the impact of urban regeneration. The international Stadslab team spent 4 days in Tbilisi and followed an intensive design thinking approach to grasp the challenges and emphatize with the different stakeholders. Some directions for solutions have been presented during an exhbition on site. More info on the project.

Save the date: January 13-20 Stadslab Master Class 'The Productive City', Shenzhen 2018. In collaboration with Future+ and SZOIL (Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab)

In this Master Class program we will investigate the strategic potential to revitalize 'maker-districts' and urban villages, avoiding the demolishment or transformation of such areas, following the current trend of arts & leisiure districts. How is the tech industry transforming manufacturing and its spatial requirements? Does the 3D-printing recolution radically transform the nature of industrial manufacturing? And can Shenzhen, as a global manufacturing powerhouse, empower its position as a 21st century center of production? Such questions will be addressed duringh the Master Class, taking in the experience and foresight of experts from urbanism and the tech community, and engaging with local communities about their needs and expectations. Now open for application!

Stadslab new partner of Tamayouz International Award

Stadslab is the proud new partner of Tamayouz International. Tamayouz International is the newest award launched by Tamayouz Excellence Award. Stadslab director Marc Glaudemans is on the jury for several years now and is delighted to have this opportunity to engage directly with global architecture and urban design talents. The award is open to  architecture, graduation and landscape design students worldwide to submit their graduation projects. The 2nd and 3rd prize winners of the 2017 edition will be able to join one of our intensive international Master Classes.

Stadslab film wins Public Prize at Lisbon Architecture Film Festival

On October 16 the documentary YOU'LL SOON BE HERE by Italian director Fabio Petronilli has won the Public Prize at the Lisbon Architecture Film festival. The 35 minute documentary was made for Stadslab in a partnership with Citizenship Academy, Lisbon Municipal Council and Largo Residencias. The film can be seen here

More information about the project.