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Stadslab was established in the summer of 2006 to create a European urban design laboratory where professionals and academia would meet to exchange knowledge and know-how, while addressing real time cases proposed by our hosting cities. After ten years our track record consists of strategic design studies for cities and regions in Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, Serbia, Japan, South Africa and the Netherlands. More than one hundered and fifty participants took part in these studies, representing over 30 nationalities and varying degrees of professional experience in different fields. Programs for cities both within and outside of Europe are currently being developed.

One of Stadslab aims is to train local professionals in contemporary design methodology and international exchange. The think tank formula is essentially a collaboration between local know-how and a fresh but informed outsiders perspective. Therefore, we stress the importance of a number of local participants in all our programs. They will remain on site when we leave, and they could implement the knowledge and methodology during the often long phase of project implementation.

  • Target Group

    Participants of the Master Class are professional architects, planners or landscape architects from all over the world. They partake in the Master Class program as part of their lifelong learning program. Both the program with renowned international visiting critics and the design topic are attractive to an international, multi-disciplinary audience.

    The structure of the Master Class program is multi-layered, in order for participants to profit from a multitude of influences and to accommodate requirements from young and more established professionals. Stadslab participants can be found among the following groups:


    Architects, urban designers/planners, with a minimum of ten years of practical experience, an academic degree in Architecture, Urban Design, City Planning, Landscape Architecture or equivalent, and the ambition to update and further their knowledge and skills on (European) Design issues.

    Young Professionals

    Architects, urban designers/planners or landscape architects with a minimum of two years of professional experience, holding a Master’s degree in Architecture, Urban Design, City Planning, Landscape Architecture or equivalent, that wish to further their studies on (European) Urban Design issues.

    Young Professionals (graduate students)

    Based upon a strong motivation and relevant experience on the central topic of a program, in some cases graduate students may be accepted to participate in the Master Class program. Students need to be in their final phase of a graduate / Master course and have a workable knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken.

    * All participants need to have a workable knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken.

  • Where we work

    Stadslab aims to offer design expertise to its hosting-cities while offering its participants a unique way to develop their personal skills, knowledge and international network. From our base in Europe we started to develop a track record in mid-sized cities in Central and Eastern Europe (Lublin, Poland / Miskolc, Hungary / Batumi, Georgia / Melitopol, Ukraine / Belgrade, Serbia / Rotterdam, Netherlands). From 2011 onwards we expanded our working territory and started a collaboration with Fukuoka, Japan. Now we are also discussing programs for cities in China, USA, Russia and the Netherlands. Stadslab now considers itself a global institution, but still we emphasise the specific needs of second tier cities and regions. These cities have to compete in an open and increasingly global market economy and they will need to invest in modern infrastructure, residential and workspaces and governance structures. In many medium sized cities there is a lack of expertise and institutional capacity to develop and guide the necessary developments.