Social and cultural programme

Making friends

Because it is an International Summer School, you have the opportunity to meet and make friends with people from all over the world, from different backgrounds, cultures and faiths. You will get to know each other very well in a short period of time. Not only in the classroom, but also during the social programme and perhaps during your stay in the Student Hotel. We encourage you to particiapate in the social programme we developed for you and have a lot of fun together, while you make memories for life!

Ambience photo Fontys
Ambience photo Fontys

Getting to know Eindhoven

When you join the social programme you will get to know the city better. For example you will make a nice bike tour through the city and you will visit some hotspots like restaurants and pubs. You also have enough free time to go and discover the city on your own. Eindhoven is known for it’s innovation, technology and design. Philips and Van Gogh are two famous examples. Eindhoven is the perfect city for students and tourists. You can shop, eat in a nice restaurant, walk in the park and enjoy the nightlife right in the city center.

Discover The Netherlands

In the weekend the social programme offers you to view Amsterdam and another city by choice like Maastricht, Rotterdam or Utrecht. You can also choose to go and spend your weekend otherwise, there are no obligations.

Ambience photo Fontys